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Animation Can Often Illustrate Your Product or Service Better and Cheaper than Live Video Could.  

A Leader in Animated Video Production, our Animation Studio is among the finest business video production companies and 2d animation studios in Southern New England for Animated Video Production and Explainer Video Production!  

Animation Styles

Standard 2D Animation

 Characters, props, and backgrounds are created in standard 2D animation.   

Hand Sketch (Whiteboard)

 A hand will sketch out your illustrations. We offer black & white, some color, or full color.  


 Featuring silhouettes and symbols for a non-cartoon look.  

Animation Over Photos / Videos

This video production mixes photos, video, and animation for a professional feel for your explainer videos.

Text-Based Animation

 Uses animated text and minimal images to communicate your message.  

Animation is an EXCELLENT  sales tool for online video advertising. Animated business videos have a proven record for selling products and branding companies. 

 1)  Show how your product or mechanical device works.

2)  Show the anatomy of your product.

3)  Show abstract ideas about your business, product or service.

4)  Show things that are either too big or too small to photograph. 

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